Can you suggest some of the best software or games on the internet that I can download. I am having an off these days so just looking forward to have some fun (not interested in p o r n please!).

The software can of from any genre

You can also tell me some interesting websites that I can enjoy visiting

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  1. Kendrick 177 says:


  2. Isabela Greaves says:

    is such a wonderfull site

  3. Skyler Anderson says:

    okie okie the first 4 days youll be shot into orbit and only see porn but then you find some groups and such and then you start seeing less and less porn and make more and more frineds

    a good group to start out with is sl starfleet. no porn there and if you like star trek or DR who then its fun but theres alot of rules and guidelines (like the real starfleet) as well as a command structure and you gotta be a few months old to start (that way they will know your gonna stay) but you can hang out there and meet some of the nicest pepole on the internet there

  4. Paxton Richardson says:

    very well researched list here

    for linux, Kubuntu is the best i.m.h.o.

    best pc games
    neverwinter nights 2
    hl2 orange box


  5. Addisyn Stevenson says:

    Have a look at Yahoo games, there are plenty of free games you can play on-line without having to download them or if you want to buy, there are plenty of those as well.

    Interesting sites!
    Google Earth – Zoom in on your house or someone else’s house anywhere in the world – start your family tree

    Yahoo Answers – oops, you already know that one

  6. Jalen Rawsthorne says:

    visit u will have a lot of fun there,
    try orkut,hi5,myspace,friendster,facebook, etc.
    for games try for free gaming and for serious gaming.
    for money u could try or any data entry job

  7. Sheldon Lake says:

    Sound editors

    Fruity Loops
    Sony Sound forge
    Cool Edit pro

    Video Editors

    Final Cut pro
    Nero Vision Express

    Photo Editors

    Jasc Paint Shop pro
    Adobe Photoshop & Imageready
    Corel Photo-paint

    And others like…..

    Adobe pagemaker, Adobe pagemill, Adobe Illustrator….etc

    Ulead Video Studio, …etc

    Macromedia- Flash, Firworks..etc

    To create icons – CD menu Editor

    3D S/w

    3D Studio Max

    …………………………………………….And so on