What are some good books to improve a first-grade reading level?

I’m giving a few books to a girl who is in third grade but has a first-grade reading level. Should I give her first grade books, second grade books, or third grade books? What’s going to improve her reading level? Does anyone have any suggestions that I could easily find at Barnes and Noble tonight. As for the type of book, anything goes, but I want 1 or 2 books about puppies because that is one thing that I know she likes.

4 Responses to “What are some good books to improve a first-grade reading level?”

  1. Adrian Pike says:

    Magic Tree house I told my sister to read the books she’s always looking for the next book to come out now, she use to hate reading. There is also a part in the books where they meet a dog and try and help him, his name is teddy.

  2. Jaxson Ibrahim says:

    I like the sight words book. they have all the basic words our first graders are learning and when they conquer these simple books they’ll be so proud of them selves they will move to harder books. I ‘m sure book stores sell them and I have also seen them in the book orders the schools send home with the kids. Good luck i know what your going through. My son is actually seeing a reading specialist in school and is improving every week.

  3. Xavier Waterhouse says:

    I’s give her a mix of levels, so she isn’t offended.here’s two classics:
    I Can Read book called the Fire Cat by Esther Averill.

    I’m not sure of the level, maybe late second grade. but My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett is a great book because it’s a real chapter book but is fairly easy to read.

  4. Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows. This book has won several awards, including Editor’s Choice (ALA Notable Children’s Book, Booklist) and Best Early Chapters Book (Kirkus Reviews). Hope you find this one!