What books do you suggest reading that are really great thrillers?

I am in the mood to read some thrillers. Any suggestions on any books to read especially any by regular authors (not the big sellers like Michael Chrichton, but not excluding them either). Plus only adult literature as well, not books for teens or kids.

Please don’t just list books, but tell me why they are good that so I have some info to know what I should get.

9 Responses to “What books do you suggest reading that are really great thrillers?”

  1. Kaitlin Gregory says:

    I love Christopher Pike, Deen Koontz…

  2. Damon Palfreyman says:

    I would probably suggest Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. The story gets sort of unpredictable once you start reading it. It is basically about adventure, betrayal and friendship – totally thrilling plot twists.

  3. Mia100 says:

    i tend to like older ones – agatha christie is the best, hands down. “and then there were none,” “the murder of roger ackroyd,” and “witness for the prosecution” are all murder mysteries with really unpredictable, gasp-worthy plot twists.
    a newer one that i haven’t finished but find really interesting is “eye contact” by cammie mcgovern. it’s about an autistic boy who witnesses the murder of his friend but is unable to communicate what he saw.

    hope this helps!

  4. Ronan Willingham says:

    I love this series because it has a bit of everything! Here’s a link:

    JD Robb’s In Death series

  5. Holden Goodman says:

    I love James Patterson’s Alex Cross series. He uses 2 or 3 page chapters so you fly through…

  6. Ruth Ahmed says:

    No Thing Like Harry Booter

  7. Reagan Cain says:

    i love suspense books like And then there were none, also known as ten little Indian men. This book is a great suspense story. ten people are invited to an island but find no one there to greet them. they soon find out that they are alone on a unknown island in the middle of no where. one by one they all start to die based on a poem that is hanging in their rooms. the great part about this book is you do not know who the murderer id until the end. it is a great mystery novel and i would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read. i also like the House of the Scorpion. this book is a great adventure novel. though it is recommended more for teens, i think that adults would love it too. it is a book about a kid who finds out he is a clone of the main ruler of their country. he thinks that he is like a son to the man but he is really considered an animal created to supply organs to the old ruler. the boy ends up, with the help of his dear mother like friend , running away . if you want to know what happens next, you are just going to have to read the book. i really think that this is a great book!

  8. Carolyn Newell says:

    I agree with the comment about older names and would like to add Dorothy Sayers to the hat: classic, well-written, and even whimsy in a thriller. Worth looking into.

  9. Cole Blackledge says:

    There are several books like: Warrior Cats and Redwall. I like them because of the war, thriller and suspense in them! Redwall is highly not recommended if you don’t like poetry and the books keep repeating its storyline structure over and over again. Warriors is good as I like the style of writing. Thrillers like Maximum Ride are very very well known for the fast-paced stories. However, in that book, you can clearly see who is writing and the elicit thoughts of the protagonist. i don’t really like the style of writing here but it is a good read.