What hobbies can help improve one of the five senses?

The body has five senses: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell, and Taste. What hobbies do you think can help improve one of these five senses?I know there are plenty of hobbies that build intelligence but I am even more interested in those that build the senses since our senses seem to dull as we age.

6 Responses to “What hobbies can help improve one of the five senses?”

  1. Cooper Bridges says:

    POOL its hand eye cordniation.

  2. Emilio Andrews says:

    Bird Watching it will help your sight and sound

  3. Sydnee Halliwell says:

    learning to play the guitar would help – dexterity
    and i think would keep hearing sharper.

  4. Andrea Goodfellow says:

    thats an interesting question cant wait to see some more answers 🙂
    I think most sports would help in some way such as tennis tracking the ball chasng it and hitting it in a way that allows for it to return.

  5. Nestor Wyatt says:

    Experimental cooking (as in trying new foods, and/or spices and flavor combinations) could help to enhance and expand your palate, and sense of smell. Also, painting/drawing/sculpting could help with your optical talents; color mixing, shades, textures, shapes, etc… Sculpting as well could help with the sense of touch, and hand – eye coordination (not so much a sense).
    SAILING, there are all sorts of sensory experiences going on there. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and yes even taste, all happen on a sailboat…
    There are many things you could try to enhance your life immensely. The world is full of opportunities!

  6. Brian Bayliss says:

    Chess, Paint-by-numbers, Breathing exercises and meditation, Crossword puzzles, sudoku, Tai-chi, and Art.
    Just to name a few.
    Good luck