What programming languages should I learn to be a computer engineer?

I’ll be a senior in HS next year. I want to hone my programming skills before in enter college because I want to be a computer engineer. Any programming languages other than C++ and Java that I should be proficient in before college?  I have looked at this excellent internet and twitter site but did not see an answer

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  1. Haylee Lester says:

    Depends how much time you want to spend inside I guess. Defiantly learn C. It’s will teach you how programming languages work and when you get into college everyone else will also already know this more than likely.

    Then move on to C++ if you want. I don’t know if a computer engineer would need Java very much? When you are finished the C codes at college you will go and look at the codes below them like assembly language to understand how the computer interprets it.

    You will also do alot on the programing of circuit boards, and the code for that is very low level like assembly code. Don’t forget to concentrate on your high-school school work though! That’s more important than any code you can learn.

  2. Johnathon Hastings says:

    Computer Engineering deals with a lot of other subjects that have nothing to do with programming. Some of the subjects include thermodynamics, electronics, electromagnetic, all of which are mostly the subjects studied in an Electrical Engineering course work. On the other hand computer engineers need to learn about algorithms, operating system, and data structures which are subjects under Computer Science. You shouldn’t be really concerned about learning any programming language in particular.

    I suggest you visit several university web-pages and look at the curriculum for computer engineering and get a closer look at what you are really going to be learning if you get into a computer engineering degree program.

  3. Brooklyn Bunn says:

    In Computer Science Engineering (at graduation level), you will be taught all the necessary programing languages. You don’t have to worry about it.

    You will have subjects like, C, (oops concept), C++, Java, Oracle, Data Base Management System, Operating System, etc. Anyway, you will have start with C language first.

    So before entering the college, it is better to learn C programming, which is the basic for every other programming language.

  4. Troy Whitfield says:

    You should not escape C & C++ if you want to a programmer. These languages teaches you the base on which you can easily build to learn other mainstream computer languages like C#, VB.Net, Java nad the likes. These help you to get a job as application developer.
    Otherwise you can take a offbeat route to learn SAS, SAP and other web technologies like Coldfusion, Flex, Silverlight, LINQ and many others

  5. Dominic Blackwell says:

    well both are important programming languages.. it helps you learn the basic logic or mode of thinking when programming…

    but for computer engineer i think you should learn about the machine language too… its a bit different from other programming languages… a sample is the assembly language.

    in Computer engineering you don’t just deal with software like IT’s do. it’s more of a hybrid of hardware and software. so learn machine langauge…