what software is the easiest to use to transfer digital tape to a computer?

I want to be able to edit, add music and titles and also to burn a DVD. I am not technically blessed, so I do need software that is easy to use. A friend suggested I buy a ‘video digitizing package’ which will contain both hardware and software.

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  1. Kellan Hartley says:

    Here’s a helpful guide for transferring videos to the computer:

    You can import the video to the computer with all video editing software – most popular are:
    Adobe Premiere/Premiere Elements
    Pinnacle Studio
    Ulead VideoStudio

    or if you’re using Windows XP, included is a free video editor – Windows Movie Maker – which is user friendly.

  2. Britney Cousins says:

    For putting the footage onto the camera, you will need the following listed below, as well as steps I have outlined. If you are looking to spend a little bit more than the free Windows Moviemaker or Imovie that generally comes with computers. Let me know.

    -For this process you will need a Firewire Cable (sometimes referred to as an IE 1394). This will be avaliable at most Electronics Store. For a laptop you will generally need a 4-pin (Laptop End) to 4-pin (Camera End) connector. For a Desktop it is generally a 6-pin (Desktop End) to 4-pin (Camera End).

    -Once you have your camera hooked up, open a Video Editing Program on your computer. Generally Windows will come with Movie Maker (located under accesroies), or on a Mac you have IMovie.

    -In either of these programs, depending on your Operating System, open the capture tool. If you have properly connected your camera, and have it turned on, in Playback Mode (VCR Mode), you should see it now on the computer.
    ***NOTE: It is usually best to turn plug in the camera, turn it on and put it in Playback mode before starting the capture tool in the program.

    -Once you see it on the screen, you should have a button that either says record, or looks like the record button. Press this, and the camera should start playing and recording to your comptuer. If the camera does not automatically start playing, press play on it.

    -Once you are finished bringing in files, hit stop on your PC. You now have these files on there, most likely in an AVI format (The Highest Quality).

    -You can then edit and manipulate it however you want, and export it as a movie. To put longer movies on the internet or DVD, you will probably have to downsize it to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2. This is another problem for another day.

    Contact me if you need help on anything. Best of Luck
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