What’s a good computer programming computer tutoring program i can download?

I recently signed up for a computer programming course at school and i am totally lost. If anyone knows a good online or downloadable program tutor i can use to help me plz let me know thanks.

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  1. Audrina Tyler says:


    try these one

    and download c++
    programming software
    and there you have it

  2. Blake Chisholm says:

    For most things website coding related i always use w3schools’ free on-line references.

  3. Kevin Foster says:

    Look on youtube, or google. Just type the name of the language and “tutorial” on your searches.

    I would recommend you get a Linux or BSD operating system if you are going into programming. Not only is it easier to get compilers, but Linux provides better support for programming software. Also, you can reprogram anything on the operating system, so it’s easier to learn and lots of fun to tinker with.

    Here are some languages you should start with:


    With java, you need to download the java platform to compile and run your programs.

  4. Cooper Douthwaite says:

    You can start learning C++ with these video tutorials:

    They are perfect for beginners. This one can get you started by showing you how to install a free compiler:

    Here are some simple games with code downloads that you can use to get some ideas:

    These tutorials can get you started with graphics programming in OpenGL:

    You can go through the tutorials and if you have questions on them or anything else in C++, please post to me here:


  5. Juliette Dove says:

    You can find many computer programmers live at website like .